TLSA Engine


Project: TLSA Engine
Genre: 2D Game Engine +SDK
Platform: Windows
Job description: Programmer
Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, dx_lib32 (own game framework), XInput
Languages supported: Visual Basic 6.0


A 2D Game Engine based on dx_lib32 Project, with the purpose of develop a 2D platform game like Flashback or Another World.

  • Entity object oriented engine, trying to simulate the XNA architecture.
  • 2D graphic engine multilayer sprite based, implement a control point map to manage easily multiple textures and transformations in a group object (to create complex animations, based in multiple pieces, with independent sprite animations), simple camera (with support to define multiple scene cameras, to switch between them easily).
  • 2D audio engine, with support for basic effects and spatial system to simulate distances and position listenings.
  • Simple game input engine, bases on actions, which can define multiple input (keyboard, mouse and joysticks or gamepads), with Force Feedback support and XInput support for XBox 360 Gamepad.
  • Basic collision engine, with multiple layer collision, spacial partition, raytracer and force emitters (to simulate explosions or black holes).
  • WYSIWYG level editor with flow controls (play, pause and restart scene during the debug), scene physics designer, an audio areas designer (for applying effects and emitters) that uses the physics defined in the scene, and visual debugger.
  • Input editor to create profiles input files, with define actions and her input controls, to import in the game engine easily.

The first versions of the engine development are from 2005 and 2006. The last version, reprogrammed from zero, started development during the summer of 2009, and during until the last built, in summer of 2010.

This game engine is not finished, because the complexity to develop a project as this in Visual Basic 6.0. The game engine was used in few projects, mostly a prototypes.