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Grey Infection


Project: Grey Infection
Studio: Undead Code Studios
Genre: 2D Puzzle-Platformer Adventure
Platform: XBox360 (XBox Live Indie Games)
Job description: Game Engine Programmer, Game Programmer, Technical Artist & VFX
Technologies: .NET 4.0, C#, XNA 4.0, TLSA.Engine (own XNA Game Engine), Visual Studio Express 2010
Link: Grey Infection page on XBox Marketplace
Source code: https://github.com/VisualStudioEX3/Grey-Infection


Eduardo Millan - SiPoX
Producer, Game Designer, Level Designer

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Engine Programmer, Game Programmer, Technical Artist & VFX

Pablo Delgado - Guybrush Threepwood
Music Composer

Cristina Pinilla Fernandez
Text Revisions (English localization)

Ruben Barroso Heredia (*)
Graphic Designer

(*) Disclaimer: I and the rest of the team, after the publication of the project and in the future, we are no longer related, supported or associated with this person, Ruben Barroso Heredia, and we are not responsible for their legal or illegal activities related directly or indirectly, with the video game industry or related business, including false professional experience accreditation or related training jobs in this area as teacher.


My first professional game developed in a game studio. A 2D Puzzle-Platformer Adventure, based on White & World, a Game Jam project in which some members of the team worked, and that you can found in this portfolio.

The game mechanic basically is destroy the enemies, in the correct order, to create or destroy parts of the level, to reach the exit point. The exit point can only be enable when the all enemies are eliminated.

The game was developed using an own XNA based game engine, TLSA.Engine, a newer version of my old game engine TLSA Engine (based on Visual Basic 6.0 and dx_lib32, an own game framework).

In addition to programming the game and the engine, other tasks where I been involved was VFX enhancement in the final art in scene, simulate some post-process effects, like the glitch effect, UI visual design of the main menu and their elements, several background live visual elements and effects in most of the levels, and guide the artist in how to prepare and optimized the final assets to use in the game.


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