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Slot Bonanza for Windows 8 (porting)


Project: Slot Bonanza for Windows 8
Client: Infi Apps (contracted by Plunge Interactive, studio responsible of the porting)
Genre: Slot Machine, Free to Play
Platform: Windows 8/Windows RT
Job description: Programmer (Porting)
Technologies: .NET 4.5, C#, MonoGame 3.0 Beta, Facebook C# SDK, Json.NET, BugSense, Sprite Sheet Packer, Visual Studio Express 2012 For Windows, Visual Studio Express 2012 For Windows Phone (as tool to compile assets for MonoGame project, with help of XNA 4.0)
Link: Slot Bonanza on the Microsoft Store


For this job I worked as a remote freelance to the studio responsible to the porting project.

This project is a port of the original game from iOS to Windows 8 (Windows RT). I had to rewritten from scracth the original Objective-C code, based on Cocos2d framework, to .NET/C# and MonoGame framework, and also had to adapt the game to the requirements of Windows RT platform.