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Soul Gun


Project: Soul Gun
Genre: 2D Platform
Platform: Web (HTML5/WebGL)
Job description: Game Programmer
Technologies: Unity3D, .NET, C#
- Ludum Dare 39: (510th position of +2500 games)


Pablo Dapena (@PabloDap) 
Graphic Designer

Carlos L. Hernando (@CarlosLHernando) 
Game Designer

Alberto Sageras Roman (@AlbertoSajeras) 
Game Designer, Level Designer

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Programmer


A game for the Malaga Jam Weekend VI & Ludum Dare 39. A game made in 48h!

A 2D platform game with a gravity and energy mechanic. The player only can move on floor and shoot his weapon. Each shoot invert the gravity on entire level, enemies included, and each shoot consume a part of the player soul. If the player consumes his soul, then he will die instantly. The player can restore his soul when not shooting his weapon during a short time.

This game shared the MalagaJam and Ludum Dare themes: Atraction & Running out of Power.

The Esc4pe, a “primitive shooter” made with Unity3D

Featured tweet from GameJolt

Video reviews from & GameJolt

Today (December 20, 2017), the game reached near 100.000 visits and near 45.000 downloads, with a 4/5 avg. rate and featured on cover pages, on and Game Jolt marketplaces, in 60 days (near of 60.000 visits and 30.000 downloads between March and early May of 2017).

The game received a lot of feedback in the comments, and some users made video reviews with gameplays. This is a Youtube list with near 80 videos collected from user comments and Twitter searches:


Project: The Esc4pe
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Job description: Game Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer
Technologies: Unity3D, .NET, C#
Links: Post on my blog, Visual Studio EX3, with more details (ES)


Featured on marketplace with +19.000 downloads with a rate of 4/5 stars!

Featured on GameJolt marketplace with +25.000 downloads with a rate of 4/5! (Click on the thumbnail to view on gamejolt page)


José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer, "Voice" actor

Third party assets

Standard Assets & Cinematics Effects - Unity Technologies
Sci Fi Characters Mega Pack - PROTOFACTOR, INC:!/content/19831
Scifi LowPoly Ammo Pickups - Pixelgraffiti:!/content/12005
Yughues Free Palm Trees - Nobiax / Yughues:!/content/13540

Amplify Color and FXAA Fast Approximation Antialiasing - Amplify Creations:

Light Shafts effect - Robert Cupisz:

Camera Filter Pack (CRT Effect) - Vetasoft:!/content/18433

Sound weapons & items effects are downloaded from site ( All samples are under Creative Commons licence (Attribution 3.0 License)

Music themes "Hitman", "The Complex" & "Killers" are creations of Kevin MacLeod ( and released under Creative Commons licence (Attribution 3.0 License)


This project is made as practical exercise for the "Master in Video Game Development with Unity3D & 3DS Max Official Autodesk (MPV)" of CICE Madrid (

A "primitive shooter" developed in one month with technical restrictions based on the topics seen in class until the project start date. The game is not optimized (its performance is not stable).

Support XBox360 Controller in all PC platforms (implementing the input map for Linux and OSX following the information found on this wiki).

The game is initially designed to be played in 5~10 minutes (It can take 20~30 minutes to complete).

Developed and full tested under:
- Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz
- AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series (with Crimson drivers)
- Windows 10 Pro x64

P.D.: This game will not receive new updates, bug fixes (for now) or new version with more levels.

Project Jupiter (Cancelled Prototype)


Project: Project Jupiter (Codename)
Genre: 2.5D Cinematic Action-Platformer
Platform: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Job description: Game Programmer
Technologies: Unity3D, .NET, C#, PlayMaker (used to create base state machines)


A 2.5D Cinematic Action-Platformer. This project is born as a result of a bet between friends. Since 2010, I have been doing small tests with Unity3D, but no project or prototype. This project has helped me to try to learn the basics of the engine and gain some experience for future projects.

The prototype implement a functional character player with some of basic states, with functional weapon. The development focused mainly on the player's implementation and the visual style for future game levels (mainly lighting tests and retro look & feel). The project uses free assets, include part of the Angry Bots demo assets from Unity3D 4.

This project was cancelled due to several technical problems with 3D assets (old assets from Unity3D 3 and 4 versions, not compatible with new material system in Unity3D 5) and other related problems.

Full prototype level gameplay

Current state

In September 2016, try a new approach to the concept of the game, using new assets, compatible with Unity3D 5. This is a capture of a prototype with the new material of the project, trying to recreate a control similar to that of games like Shadow Complex:

At present (January 2017) the project is based on the original concept discarded, more typical of games of the 90's like Another World or Flashback:

State of the project in January 9, 2017, some tests focused on player basic mechanics (run, walk, jump, fall, landing, climbing...). Implementing own character controller and FSM system (without PlayMaker).

Slot Bonanza for Windows 8 (porting)


Project: Slot Bonanza for Windows 8
Client: Infi Apps (contracted by Plunge Interactive, studio responsible of the porting)
Genre: Slot Machine, Free to Play
Platform: Windows 8/Windows RT
Job description: Programmer (Porting)
Technologies: .NET 4.5, C#, MonoGame 3.0 Beta, Facebook C# SDK, Json.NET, BugSense, Sprite Sheet Packer, Visual Studio Express 2012 For Windows, Visual Studio Express 2012 For Windows Phone (as tool to compile assets for MonoGame project, with help of XNA 4.0)
Link: Slot Bonanza on the Microsoft Store


For this job I worked as a remote freelance to the studio responsible to the porting project.

This project is a port of the original game from iOS to Windows 8 (Windows RT). I had to rewritten from scracth the original Objective-C code, based on Cocos2d framework, to .NET/C# and MonoGame framework, and also had to adapt the game to the requirements of Windows RT platform.

Ninja Runner (Cancelled Prototype)


Project: Ninja Runner
Genre: 2D Runner
Platform: Web
Job description: Game Programmer
Technologies: Flash, Action Script 3, Flash Punk, Flash Develop
Source code:
Link: Play Ninja Runner Prototype


José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Programmer

Ruben Barroso Heredia (*)
Game Designer, Graphic Designer

(*) Disclaimer: At the end of the project and in the future, I'm no longer related, supported or associated with this person, Ruben Barroso Heredia, and I'm not responsible for their legal or illegal activities related directly or indirectly with the video game industry or related business, including false professional experience accreditation or related training jobs in this area as teacher.


A cancelled vertical 2D runner. Its current state is a playable prototype with some of the elements and mechanics designed, it's the result of a work of few evenings.

The cancellation of this project is a result of several discursions between the artist and me for the way to manage the future of this project and posible creation of own studio.

Pulpetes Forever


Project: Pulpetes Forever
Genre: 2D Puzzle-Realtime strategy
Platform: Windows
Job description: Game Programmer
Technologies: .NET 4.0, C#, XNA 4.0, TLSA.Engine (own XNA Game Engine), Visual Studio Express 2010
Dev blog: (ES)


Eduardo Millan - SiPoX
Producer, Game Designer, Level Designer

José Zanni - Josepzin
Graphic Designer

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Programmer


A project for the Game Jam in GameDev area of Campus Party España 2011. A game inspired in the classic Lemming. The game was programmed with TLSA.Engine, a new version of my old game engine in Visual Basic 6.0 and dx_lib32 (an own game framework). This version is based in .NET, C# and XNA.

The restrictions of the Game Jam were: octopus, teleports and randomness.

White & World


Project: White & World
Genre: 2D Platform-Puzzle Adventure
Platform: Web
Job description: Graphics Designer Support
Technologies: Flash, Action Script 2
Dev blog: (ES)
Link: Play White & World


Eduardo Millan - SiPoX
Producer, Game Designer

José Zanni -Josepzin
Game Programmer, Graphic Designer

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Graphic Designer Support


1º place on Game Jam of Campus Party España 2010.

A project for the Game Jam in GameDev area of Campus Party España 2010. A 2D platformer-puzzle adventure with the mechanic of create and destroy by the action of eliminate the enemies in the correct order.

The restrictions of the Game Jam were: black & white theme, puzzles, create & destroy.

P.D.: At the beginning, the idea was a I will program the game, in Visual Basic 6.0 with the TLSA Engine, a unfinished own game engine based on dx_lib32 (an own game framework) that can be found in this portfolio. The early prototype was made with it, but at last hour, we decided to use Flash for the final development.

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Aquanoid (CP2K8)


Project: Aquanoid (CP2K8)
Genre: Arcade
Platform: Windows
Job description: Game Programmer, Graphic Designer, Level Designer
Technologies: .NET 3.5, Visual Basic .NET, C#, dx_lib32 (own game framework), Visual Studio Express 2008, MS Paint (as level editor)


A project for the Game Jam in GameDev area of Campus Party España 2008. This an Arkanoid game with altered mechanic: the pad/player float on water. The water level goes up every few seconds. The player dies if reach the block level or the ball touch the water.

The game defines her levels with small bitmaps images of 12x12 pixels, where the color pixel defines the type of block.

The restrictions in this Game Jam were: water, puzzles and comic style.