Ninja Runner (Cancelled Prototype)


Project: Ninja Runner
Genre: 2D Runner
Platform: Web
Job description: Game Programmer
Technologies: Flash, Action Script 3, Flash Punk, Flash Develop
Source code:
Link: Play Ninja Runner Prototype


José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Programmer

Ruben Barroso Heredia (*)
Game Designer, Graphic Designer

(*) Disclaimer: At the end of the project and in the future, I'm no longer related, supported or associated with this person, Ruben Barroso Heredia, and I'm not responsible for their legal or illegal activities related directly or indirectly with the video game industry or related business, including false professional experience accreditation or related training jobs in this area as teacher.


A cancelled vertical 2D runner. Its current state is a playable prototype with some of the elements and mechanics designed, it's the result of a work of few evenings.

The cancellation of this project is a result of several discursions between the artist and me for the way to manage the future of this project and posible creation of own studio.