Project: Aquanoid
Studio: Undead Code Studios
Genre: Arcade
Platform: Web
Job description: Game Designer, Game Programmer
Technologies: Flash, Action Script 3, Flixel, Flash Develop, as3sfxr, MochiAds
Source code:
Link: Play Aquanoid


Eduardo Millan - SiPoX

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Designer, Game Programmer

Cristina Pinilla Fernandez
Text Revisions (English localization)

Ruben Barroso Heredia (*)
Graphic Designer, Level Designer

(*) Disclaimer: I and the rest of the team, after the publication of the project and in the future, we are no longer related, supported or associated with this person, Ruben Barroso Heredia, and we are not responsible for their legal or illegal activities related directly or indirectly, with the video game industry or related business, including false professional experience accreditation or related training jobs in this area as teacher.


An Arkanoid game with altered mechanic: the pad/player float on water. The water level goes up every few seconds. The player dies if reach the block level or the ball touch the water.

This game is based on my version of Aquanoid for the Game Jam on Campus Party España 2008.