Pulpetes Forever


Project: Pulpetes Forever
Genre: 2D Puzzle-Realtime strategy
Platform: Windows
Job description: Game Programmer
Technologies: .NET 4.0, C#, XNA 4.0, TLSA.Engine (own XNA Game Engine), Visual Studio Express 2010
Dev blog: http://ex3perience.wordpress.com/category/compo-cpes15/ (ES)


Eduardo Millan - SiPoX
Producer, Game Designer, Level Designer

José Zanni - Josepzin
Graphic Designer

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Game Programmer


A project for the Game Jam in GameDev area of Campus Party España 2011. A game inspired in the classic Lemming. The game was programmed with TLSA.Engine, a new version of my old game engine in Visual Basic 6.0 and dx_lib32 (an own game framework). This version is based in .NET, C# and XNA.

The restrictions of the Game Jam were: octopus, teleports and randomness.