White & World


Project: White & World
Genre: 2D Platform-Puzzle Adventure
Platform: Web
Job description: Graphics Designer Support
Technologies: Flash, Action Script 2
Dev blog: https://ex3perience.wordpress.com/category/compo-rapida-cp2k10/ (ES)
Link: Play White & World


Eduardo Millan - SiPoX
Producer, Game Designer

José Zanni -Josepzin
Game Programmer, Graphic Designer

José Miguel Sánchez Fernández - [EX3]
Graphic Designer Support


1º place on Game Jam of Campus Party España 2010.

A project for the Game Jam in GameDev area of Campus Party España 2010. A 2D platformer-puzzle adventure with the mechanic of create and destroy by the action of eliminate the enemies in the correct order.

The restrictions of the Game Jam were: black & white theme, puzzles, create & destroy.

P.D.: At the beginning, the idea was a I will program the game, in Visual Basic 6.0 with the TLSA Engine, a unfinished own game engine based on dx_lib32 (an own game framework) that can be found in this portfolio. The early prototype was made with it, but at last hour, we decided to use Flash for the final development.

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