dx_lib32 Project


Project: dx_lib32
Genre: Game Framework
Platform: Windows
Job description: Programmer
Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, Win32 API, DirectX 8.1, OGG Vorbis
Languages supported: Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++ (in theory, any language which can support ActiveX technology)
Download: This binaries are 2.2.0 version. Last version, 2.2.1, is only available as source code:
    - Development Kit (for development. Contains Compiled HTML documentation reference, Visual Basic 6.0 and VB .NET code samples and runtime dlls)
    - User Redistributable (only runtime dlls for running any program or game developed with dx_lib32 2.2.0)
Source code:


Game framework or API (or also wrapper) that enable to access the power of DirectX APIs to Visual Basic 6.0 developers. A simple framework composed of 5 specialised classes: a graphics class, an audio playback class, a game input device manager class, a video playback class and a helper class with a set of functions to cover multiple needs.

It's compiled as an ActiveX DLL, with a minimum dependency libraries (the Visual  Basic 6.0 runtime, the ActiveX library to connect with the DirectX 8.1 API, and the OGG Vorbis libraries), included in the setup, and it's compatible with any version of Windows, from Windows 98 to the current Windows 10 (desktop version only) and future Windows with Win32 and DirectX 8.1 support (today, it's working properly on Windows 10).

The project started development in early 2001, under DirectX 7 API (changed to DirectX 8.1 in 2002). The first functional version was released in 2004, with only a set of program samples as documentation reference and a forum to consult doubts. The second version was released in early 2006, with a full set of program samples, in Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET formats, and with a full API reference documentation in Windows Helper format. The final version, after several bugs fixed and new functionalities, was released as open source project in GitHub in middle of 2012.

Some user projects made with dx_lib32