Counter Strike Map Design


Project: CS_Parcela
Genre: Multiplayer level for Counter Strike
Platform: Windows
Job description: Level designer
Technologies: Valve Hammer Editor 1.1
Download: (1.89 MB)


A small map for the classic Counter Strike (currently Counter Strike 1.6) composed with multiple usable spaces and differents routes to connect the two main areas.

This map was designed in 2001 and it's builded using an old version of Valve Hammer Editor, then known as WorldCraft Editor, included with any copy of Half-Life or expansions like Opposing Force and Blue Shift. This editor version doesn't has any advantage functionality like realtime rendering or precalculated lights, common functionalities in modern level editors or the current version of Valve Hammer Editor.

The map included waypoints for the old version 1.4 of POD-Bots, one of the various choices of the moment to get bots to play versus the CPU in Counter Strike. The video show the bots in action. In order to make the bot able to navigate the map, is necessary to set behaviour points to configure actions or define paths (the bot system includes an user friendly editor in game time for this task).

The map is available for download and it's fully compatible with Counter Strike 1.6 (the waypoint file is not included because of being incompatible with current versions of POD-Bots).


Also experimented other ideas for bigger maps than CS_Parcela, inclusive a map for the Half-Life: Oppossing Force expansion (and had the intention of creating campaing levels, for a single player mode). This gallery below show sections of these prototype maps.

T.L.S.A.: Argos Operation


Project: T.L.S.A.: Argos Operation
Genre: 2D Point & Click - Graphic Adventure
Platform: Windows
Job description: Game Designer, Game Programmer, Graphic Desisgner
Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0


Point & click graphic adventure game. Attempt to improve the concept implemented in the previous game, TLSA: The Light Star Adventure. This time, the game had the ability to display larger scenaries, the player could move with the mouse, making a side-scrolling movement, like a 180 º view.

This time, the elements of the game, like the characters, already had basic animations and sound effects. The game development is unfinished, due to the complexity of developing in Visual Basic 6.0 Windows Forms and User Controls system. The result is an advanced prototype of the concept designed, a little achievement.

The graphics are own made ​​freehand with mouse in Microsoft Paint. The sounds are a mixed of samples from other comercial games.

Lode Runner level design experiment


Project: Codename Atapuerca
Genre: 2D Platformer-Puzzle Adventure
Platform: MS-DOS, Windows
Job description: Level Designer
Download: ATAPUERC.PZL (15 KB)


A small campaign levels for Lode Runner: The Legend Return game. Is an experiment that intended to create a platformer adventure using the mechanics of the original game, to create a game play experience, and the different level themes for create a variety of sceneries.

The levels are available to download.