T.L.S.A.: The Light Star Adventure


Project: T.L.S.A.: The Light Star Adventure
Genre: 2D Point & Click - Graphic Adventure
Platform: Windows
Job description: Game Designer, Game Programmer, Graphic Designer
Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0


Point & click graphic adventure, in first person, set inside a spaceship, being attacked and boarded by enemy soldiers. The player taking the role of a prisoner who manages to escape from his captors and aims to try to escape alive from the ship.

The player can navigate the corridors of the ship, interact with various elements of the enviroment (look in wall panels, input controls, access to computer terminals, investigate corpses...), talks with characters (the conversations could have various lines of dialogue with different ways and results), inventary, which could be used with scenarios, and even was available ability to shoot enemies in specific scenes.

The game had only one level, the corridors of the ship and some rooms, giving a total of 15 different locations. The game had several situations, either by death or specific situations (terminate arrested by soldiers, for example). Were available automatic checkpoints to avoid losing the game progress from certain points. The graphics are own made ​​freehand with mouse in Microsoft Paint, and static, without animations. The game hadn't sound or music.